I work mostly in wool because I like its durability, rich variety of surfaces, weights and ability to dye. I have made garments from other materials because the designated recipient was allergic to wool and have not liked the finished result because material with synthetics in it pills and the knitting is floppy with no memory or resilience. I have sensitive skin as well, so I use myself as a gauge of whether the wool is fine enough to wear against the skin. There are more and more yarns available incorporating bamboo and other natural fibres that are very soft to work with and wear. The body and sleeve of my jackets are generally lined with poly/cotton kasha so the jackets are wearable most of the year.


If you are looking for a jacket, measurements that I need are:

I usually use a variety of colours, so if there are some you are allergic to, let me know. If you want a very fitted Jacket, then I would need to borrow a jacket of your own to use for a pattern. I will work with you to get the best fit we can.

On another note, I have done jackets from suits that have special meaning to the wearer; incorporating their father’s or husband’s logo from a favourite golf cap, or wool suit that they can now slide their hands into the pockets and remember their loved one.

Abstract patterns can be dressed up or down, whereas a picture Jacket tends to the casual. I have made jackets with dragons, parrots, pianos and a favourite tree, so I look forward to what your ideas might be.

I don’t make Jackets to a particular ‘size’ as we all have fitting idiosyncrasies. The Jackets in my stash that are not built for someone in particular generally have 24-26 inch sleeves and I categorize sizes by how they fit me. I am a 10-12, so if something fits me it is a medium; if the sleeves are shorter and body smaller, small and so on.

Prices for a medium Jacket start at $450.


To commission a Stole, I will need the following measurements and information:

I like to make 2 Stoles for the price of one. If you are ordering a green Stole, I will do one elaborate side and one simpler side so they are reversible. Another good combination is Lent and Advent. If getting a white Stole, Christmas and Easter themes work well. Red Stoles can have a flamboyant and a somber side. It is helpful to have some meaningful scripture or other context to give the Stole meaning to the wearer.

Price for a Stole, $450.

Wall Hangings:

I like to work from photographs if doing a portrait of an old building. I used an old school photograph and one of a general store to do a composite picture representing the places a young teacher and store clerk worked in before their marriage, as a 50th anniversary present. Wall hangings are usually seen on a home wall and are more densely embroidered and quilted.

Please contact Cindy for pricing...

Church Hangings:

These are generally seen on a much bigger scale and further away than a home Wall Hanging. I price them according to the material cost and by the hour as the sewing is not done on the same scale as a Wall Hanging. When doing Church Hangings, it is helpful to have a photograph of the interior to get a feeling for the church as well as the dimensions of the altar, lectern etc, where the pieces may be going.

I am not a big fan of lettered banners, maybe because I have seen so many poorly done felt ones from the 60’s, but will do them if I can incorporate them as part of the overall design.

Please contact Cindy for pricing...